Are You A Business?

What can WorkABILITY Connect do for you?

If you’re a business owner or manager, chances are that you want to add value to your business and develop or maintain your competitive edge. Becoming more diverse and inclusive can no doubt contribute toward achieving these goals. Diversity and inclusion promote increased teamwork, improved morale and innovation. They can also serve to open new markets by connecting your business with a huge pool of potential consumers. All this makes good business sense and is simply better for business.

  • WorkABILITY Connect will equip you and your team members with the skills to create a ‘disability confident’ workforce.
  • WorkABILITY Connect also aims to help you discover the benefits of employing people with health conditions, injuries and disabilities and thus reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion.
  • It’s a package that includes access to FREE resources and information.
  • We can deliver brief presentations to your teams, or you can complete an online survey as a starting point. Register for WorkABILITY Connect and gain access to a portal that houses a toolkit.

What’s in the toolkit?

  • Information and resources
  • Training modules
  • Awareness materials
  • A Business Accessibility Plan (BAP) template
  • Access to WorkABILITY Connect Experts – Anyone in your organisation can ask questions or seek information from an Expert
  • Regular Check-ins – Once an organisation signs up for WorkABILITY Connect, we will include regular check-ins to support you on your journey

Our goal is to work with any organisation to make diversity and inclusion a part of everyday business activities so that rather than being an ‘add-on’, it becomes ‘The way things are done around here’.

Diversity, Access and Inclusion Training Courses (Online)

Approx 15mins

Disability Access and Inclusion Basics

Designed for everyone in the organisation, this is a great starting place. Covers types of disability and who is affected. What is Access and Inclusion and other useful information.

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Approx 45 mins

Frontline Awareness

Continues to build awareness, covering interaction and communication. Accessible workplaces and becoming an access champion. How to complete an audit and putting it all together.

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Approx 1 hour

Diversity for Decision Makers

For decision makers needing to develop a deeper understanding and practical guidance to better equip the workplace. Covers why employing people with disability makes good business sense. 7 myths and realities. How to prepare your workplace and how to ‘tap in’ to an untapped market.

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