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Doing These Courses?

Everyone in the workplace can benefit from Diversity, Access and Inclusion awareness training. Helping your teams to understand more about disability by raising their awareness can be the first step in your organisation becoming more diverse.

Independent studies have shown a strong correlation between workplace inclusion of employees with disabilities or health conditions and increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover, increased morale and more positive organisational culture. We offer three, easy to access online training packages to help people build their knowledge and understanding. Anyone can complete the training at any time. Upon completion of each module a Certificate of Completion will be received.

Diversity, Access and Inclusion Training Courses (Online)

Approx 15mins

Disability Access and Inclusion Basics

Designed for everyone in the organisation, this is a great starting place. Covers types of disability and who is affected. What is Access and Inclusion and other useful information.

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Approx 45 mins

Frontline Awareness

Continues to build awareness, covering interaction and communication. Accessible workplaces and becoming an access champion. How to complete an audit and putting it all together.

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Approx 1 hour

Diversity for Decision Makers

For decision makers needing to develop a deeper understanding and practical guidance to better equip the workplace. Covers why employing people with disability makes good business sense. 7 myths and realities. How to prepare your workplace and how to ‘tap in’ to an untapped market.

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