WorkABILITY Connect: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great workplace?

Diverse workplaces are simply better for business, you might be missing out.  What does your workplace look like? Workplaces that reflect their customers, staff and our communities are much better places to work and visit.

How can you make your workplace more diverse and inclusive?

You can help your teams to understand more about disability and living with a health condition by raising their awareness.  This can be the first step in your organisation becoming more diverse.

What is WorkABILITY Connect?

WorkABILITY Connect aims to help you discover the benefits of employing people with disability or health conditions in your organisation.  It’s a package that includes access to FREE resources and information.  We can do brief presentations to your teams or you can complete an online survey as a starting point.  You’ll NEED TO REGISTER to gain access to a portal that houses a toolkit.

What’s in the toolkit?

  1. Information and Resources – Includes the business benefits of hiring people with disability.
  2. Training Modules – Three, easy to access online training packages help people build knowledge and understanding.  Anyone can complete the training at any time and receive a certificate.
  3. Awareness Materials – Email signatures, ad shells for company intranet sites, a Charter that can be displayed on notice boards and other materials.
  4. A Business Accessibility Plan (BAP) Template – Organisations can use this to help them drive activities in their workplace.
  5. Access to WorkABILITY Connect ‘Experts’ – Forrest Personnel has WorkABILITY Connect ‘experts’ who are trained, disability employment officers. They can help with audits or reviews and specialise in assisting with the development of organisational awareness around diversity, access and inclusion. Anyone in the organisation can ask questions or seek information from an ‘expert’.
  6. Regular Check-ins – Once an organisation signs up for WorkABILITY Connect, we will also include regular check-ins to support your efforts.

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